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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Beard Oil

What Is Beard Oil?

Beards are trendy right now, but beard oil has been around since, well, at least since Mesopotamian men used sesame oil to condition their rather awesome looking beards. Beard oils still contain natural carrier oils along with essential oils or fragrance. It leaves you with a shinier, healthier beard and treats problems such as itchy skin, beard dandruff, and acne. Adding essential oils provides both a light scent and various therapeutic values. For example, cedarwood has a wonderful soft, woodsy smell and is know to be antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal. It helps with itchy skin and is very grounding. Rosemary has antiseptic and skin-conditioning qualities and its aroma helps fight mental fatigue (it’s in our Brain Boost Roll-On). Ylang ylang essential oil balances sebum production to help both oily and dry skin, has been used for centuries as a hair conditioner, and its fragrance has long been thought to have aphrodisiac properties (you'll have to let us know).

Will It Make My Beard Feel Like I’ve Just Eaten a Slice of Pizza?

Nope, it won’t. You use only a small amount of beard oil at a time, and it absorbs quickly into your beard and skin. Instead of making your beard oily, it will make it smoother, shinier, and healthier, while making your skin softer and your face much more smoochable.

How Do I Use Beard Oil?

A little goes a long way. Starting with a dry beard (oil and water don’t mix), pour a dime-size drop onto your palm. Rub your hands together and then rub the oil directly onto the skin beneath your bead. Then use your hands and fingers to comb the oil through and underneath your beard.


What’s In Your Beard Oil?

We use only organic vegetarian carrier oils and 100% pure, carefully sourced essential oils to make our beard oils. We carefully formulate and craft our oil in very small batches so we can send you the freshest all-natural product possible.

Organic Carrier Oils

Organic Sweet Almond Oil: moisturizing, rich in vitamin E and oleic acid. (Caution: contains tree nuts)

Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil: absorbs quickly, non-greasy, high in essential fatty acids

Organic Jojoba Oil: moisturizing, similar to skin’s natural oils, very absorbent

Organic Argan Oil: high in vitamins A and E, antioxidants, and fatty acids (Caution: contains tree nuts)

100% Pure Essential Oils

We carefully select the essential oils in our scented blends for both their aroma and their therapeutic value to your beard and skin. We also offer unscented beard oil.

Since your beard is close to your nose, the scent of beard oil should be subtle and enhancing, not overpowering. We blend and test our beard oils to make sure our scents are pleasing to both you and anyone who might get very close to you.

Click to See Our Blue Ridge Blend, Southern Nights, and Unscented Beard Oils. 



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    This sounds really great. I’m going to buy some for my friend who has a beard when his birthday rolls around next month.

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